Wednesday, February 07, 2007


So I guess you can tell that I have some new post up using a new video host. Lately youtube has been pissing me off once again. Don't get me wrong. It's fine if your up-loading normal video footage, but for some of the stuff I work on mainly my video paintings, it's not so great. One of the reasons I found out is, that with normal video footage, your not each frame hasn't been altered so you can compress it to play fine, but with my video paintings, I manipulate the footage so much with the filters I use from After Effects, that each of the films frames are changing. So with this when you try to compress the footage, it doesn't look as good as it does uncompressed. Now that is only one problem. Other problems are either the video not being able to be up-loaded or up-loading a 3-minute piece and it only playing for 15 seconds. So what is the answer? Start looking for a new hosting site. Well luckily from a lot of the research I've done by reading many different blogs and watch many videocast. I have found a few. One that I'm testing at the moment is called Blip.TV. So far it's not bad. The quality of the videos on blip, from what I can tell looks much better than youtube’s. So I've put up short clips of three of my videos to see how they look. Aside from the film having to take a sec to download and the video screen being a little larger than youtube's (which that can be fixed changing up the blog's script a bit) it's seems to be doing so far. I've decided to change how I'm going start show my video paintings on here. I'm going to cut the clips down to 45 seconds - 1 minute so that people just a get a small taste of what I do and save the full versions for more on special occasions such as art show, etc. Well see how it goes.


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