Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So about two years ago, I had the idea of working on a documentary on the topic of body modifications: tattoos, piercings, scarring, etc. Well the project was started, but never finished. School and time became and issue for me and the person I was working with at the time. Plus I was having problems meeting with the people I was suppose to film (the would schedule a time, but then always cancel. I have always been fascinated with Tattoos, and so the documentary was something I was really into making. I figured that it would be something I could come back to at a later date, but now do to television shows like TLC's Miami Ink (which I am an avid fan of) the whole issue of modify your body has already been hit. So here I have this footage of people being tattooed, but I don't have a project to use it in. So after viewing a few different pieces of video art, I decided to just experiment with the footage (experiment, who me). I decided I would try to show the progression of a tattoo using the footage that I had. Maybe try to create something artistic. Well this is just something small I came up with. I do have ideas of going back and working on the documentary idea, but more based on just tattoos alone, I will probably be something just to do for myself.


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